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It’s March and the winter is still making its presence felt outside. It was a weird one after all, not the same temperatures of last year. Mostly on the plus side and now at the end of March all of the sanow has melted. Just few patches here and there when the sun doesn’t shine. At least today it was really cold and started raining. The first real rain of this year. So still keeping my feet warm and a cosy feeling in my small apartment while doing the last assignments for my reading group.

The socks are not made by me, just bought from a thrift store. I can’t make such things though i once tried. Image



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Lava lamps

Haven’t been in a while around here and i feel kind of weird about it. Guilty. Because i haven’t abandoned the blog but i also made a rule not to post endless rants about small things that do not deserve ranting. Thrift stores have remained one of my small pleasures although i didn’t visit them that often. I hate collecting…or even hoarding stuff and since my student apartment is quite small, i cannot afford cramming things in here. But i found two nice lava lamps with 10€ both and since i wanted one (they seem very hypnotizing), i bought them both. More info on lava lamps here. They are indeed very interesting but it takes quite a while to heat up. At least the red one has some troubles with the light bulb (sometimes it just goes off without any reason).


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Today, i was hit all of a sudden by some memories from almost two years ago. When i started school in Jyväskylä and moved to the legendary Roninmäki. I remember after a whole nice and lazy summer, i packed my things up and went to JKL first to pick up my apartment keys and make the formalities and then meeting the crazy student campus and building L. It was quite rainy and cloudy day and i had some drama queen moments after noticing that Roninmäki was so far away from the city center and up a hill in the middle of the forest. But after the first week of getting used to it and learning how to properly get to Keljonkeskus (without sliding on that hill over the bridge), i started to like it. Yes, it was far but my bike did its job very well. The building i lived in was very quiet, maybe because my window was facing the street and not the crazy M building where most of the student parties were held and police was an usual guest during the weekends. I had no bad memories from there or i don’t remember. I kept only the pleasant ones.

The best thing there i think were my colleagues from my MA programme. Most of them were living in Roninmäki and even if not, we would still gather up all in one of our apartment and party our way, not the M  building way. Almost every week there was a gathering and we intercted with each other on a daily basis. You just couldn’t feel lonely. And my flatmate was also my colleague which was very funny and interactive when we discussed and complained about school or when she baked one of her carrot cookies :p I had a dear friend in the nearby house campus – Myllyjärvi, and we were visiting each other very often and even did the insane thing to cook. Of course she did much better job than me. :p During the summer it was really great to go to the small lake nearby and even if i wouldn’t swim, i would just sit there, enjoy a book and the sun. The autumn would bring plenty of ducks and i was enjoying going down near the lake with some bread and see how happy they were when i threw them crumbs. The early spring smell of forest was the best in the morning, out on the balcony (of course when the neighbour wasn’t out smoking).

One year passed quite quickly and most of my friends and collagues were gone and so was i in the end of May. It was sunny and warm and my friend came to say goodbye. I have left so many dear memories there.

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This summer i’ve done plenty of physical work around the house and not only. I’ve repaired stuff (bikes, cottages, stairs, small devices etc) and i realized that i started to enjoy it a lot. At one point while i was painting the deck i just realized the fact that i might as well have gone to a practical school. A school which may teach me to do something useful, not the blah blah. Going to a theoretical school taught me to think and use concepts quite well but now i see that i miss the practicality of working.

I noticed that there is quite a great shift in my mind right now. I used to handle theoretical concepts very well and abstract thinking but since i switched the gear to a more practical field (or at least planning to) i see that my mind work more on a concrete level. For example, quite recently i started solving some chemistry problems (one of my friends told me that i must be really bored :D) Might be but what i have seen was that: i got their grip. I could really solve them. Something which was impossible few years ago because i hadn’t the slightest interest in sciences. Now i just wonder why does my mind become more sharpened on science and i lose the grip of humanities.

I don’t say i hate what i studied, on the contrary. I still love reading but it is this switch that makes me drawn to the other side. Something which i could not understand few years ago like how to apply formulas in solving problems now got very clear to me. Probably i am just switching fro right to left brain dominant thinking if that thing is possible. Or i’ve just always been a left brainer but didn’t realize until now. Or i might be a mix of both of them which is likely but one has to be the dominant.The psychological tests always shoes that i am left brained. And i believe them because i know myself as a very logical person which almost never relies on instincts. For me it’s the brain, not the heart who does the thinking.

But even so? How can i managed so many years studying humanities and being successful at it? It would be wonderful to find out that i can actually use both spheres of my brain in the same measure. There is only one way to find out. Just let myself to the left side. Anyway, nowadays combining humanities with science is making up a bomb. The truth is that i never saw the two as opposites. I can state that left brainers can work in humanities and the other way round. It’s all about interdisciplinarity and creativity from both sides. Otherwise how can you explain the amount of people switching fields successfully?


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So today i had the last exam in the Swedish preparatory course and with that i can say that the school is officially over for now. I still have, theoretically, a course in Digital Arts but since i haven’t heard anything of the upcoming lectures i am considering it as closed. Anyway i was fast enough to do my assignments for the previous lectures – the lecture diary. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, mostly because of the fact that i took again way too many courses which kept me busy throughout and i am proudly announcing that i passed them all with flying colours. Especially the Finnish language exam which i can honestly say it was a probe of fire and patience. I also finished all the courses for my master programme which now leaves me plenty of room for writing my master thesis which i kind of interrupted because of the language studies. I had this idea that you can do all at a time but i obviously forgot the fact that studying languages takes up lots of your time and sucks the energy out of you especially the spoken part.

So now the summer holiday lies ahead or if i can call it a holiday. I have no idea if i am going to have a summer job or not; at least i did every single effort to apply at all jobs possible and of course with the proper requirements for my abilities but hope is kinda low especially with so many people on this planet (damn, i can’t help it! *evil grin*) crowding for jobs and the fact that i am not a native and that gives me a very big minus, being realistical now. Anyway, something appears, i am available for it 4 months from now. The thesis is a must on my list and even if it is holiday that does not mean i should sit back and relax but proceed with my thesis to a satisfactory point. I have given myself a deadline: December 2011. But of course there are other courses such as the last level of Finnish language and some museology related courses which i would really like to attend. Nevertheless, as my plans go further for the conservation school i was just fancying a course in furniture restauration for the start as i want to have an insight in what this job means before jumping my heart and soul into it. And yes i am planning seriously to try for the conservation degree as i wish it to be as a completion of my museum studies. Of course, before that i have to do my homework and research a bit the field before going blindly into it. I just want to make sure it is 100% for me. At this moment i am 80% sure about it.

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My Easter

This is my second Easter is Finland and i can say i enjoy a great deal of it. See…Finland is not particularly a religious country or at least you cannot perceive the religious element as harsh as you might in other countries. I grew up in a very religious country and i would say with highly conservative value based on religious beliefs and to be honest here In Finland i feel at my ease as i am not pressured to attend church meeting or any other kind of worship activity. The clash came from the fact that i never believed in the religious values they promoted, at times those values being very strict and even dangerous to my moral and physical freedom and integrity. I am an atheist and i don’t care about these values because i have my own.

Well, here in Finland, at least in my family nobody is a church goer and they simply see their own business. What does Easter mean for me? It is a school break and a time to relax first and foremost. And to eat chocolate eggs with surprises. Here when the Easter approaches the shops are filled with chocolate eggs of all kinds and sizes, with diffrent surprises inside, decorative eggs with branches and feathers, decorative bunnies and hens. Flowers like daffodils are everywhere. People are making bonfires and children dress up like witches and go from house to house sharing branches in exchange of coins. It reminds me a bit of Haloween. Other activities highly popular are drinking and going to sauna. People also buy lots of things to make Easter decorations, handmade objects are very popular. Some even paint eggs but usually plastic ones. There are also church services and i am aware that some people go but you do not feel compelled to do so as i felt  once. I don’t have anything with others beliefs but i don’t like when they are imposed on me. It just gives me the impression i am stupid and i am not able to think for myself and i need a guidance. It’s actually like respecting somebody’s life choices. I enjoy an Easter where i do not have to see the so called believer hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. I enjoy an Easter where i can be in peace. And here the Easter is exactly how i want it to be. At least i perceive Easter as a celebration of spring rather than attributing to it religious meanings. And as it is widely known that Easter, as other supposed christian celebrations, has pagan origins.

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I am sitting with a glass of salmiakki and listening to Swallow the Sun and reflecting upon the year that is just to pass. I always reflect to what i have done over the year. Is just an old habit of mine, i have no purpose for doing so but it’s nice to think that your time did not go in vain. Indeed the year was quite full and i would say not devoid of good surprises. If i am to go over the school part i would say i had a successful school year, no complain about that. I got quite an original idea for my thesis and easily i started working on it. As work is the important thing in my life, i was just pleased it went well. Besides, i got my first jobs in Finland which i did not consider bad at all and it was quite interesting to work. And the people i have met, true…not many because of my “great” social skills but the ones i have met are worth it. 🙂

In other words i am not going to praise my achievements and i am not going to make any great plans for the year to come as i know plans never turn out the way i want or at least seldom they do. As one of my friends say…just go with the flow. 🙂 I don’t want to remember the problems i had, they are not worth remembering and why bother when the pleasant memories are so many?

So now just cutting it off with end of the year melancholia i don’t feel any longing for anything, it was a good year but looking ahead i think is more productive. At least getting the motivation to start studying for the exam in documentation for the end of January and get my strenght for a long and full of courses semester. And now getting on with drinking and placing the fireworks for the evening…oh and yes warming up the sauna. It’s going to be a long night. 😉

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