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Today is Earth Day and i’ve been thinking for a while what do i do to be green, to minimize my impact on the environment, to not do so much damage. Generally, i’m very aware that the environment nowdays it’s not in its happiest state and sometimes i feel bad that i don’t do even more than i already do now. I like though to believe that i’m still helping. Although i think it’s just a drop in the ocean. Most of the self awareness it’s also coming from my education and the culture i grew up in. I was born in a poor family and although we were never hungry or homeless, we managed to live with basics and make lots of sacrifices.

I particularly remember a conversation i had two years ago with one good Japanese friend of mine. She also grew up in a modest family and she told me that sometimes she feels she’s become too greedy since living in a developed country and affording a better lifestyle than she used to have. I told her i have exactly the same feelings. And sometimes i am ashamed of myself by having so much. Well…if I am to compare this “too much” that i have with the normal lifestyle people have here – i would say i’m poor. Although i’m trying to minimize my consumerist footprint and not to buy stuff i don’t need.

I would like to start a post series where i can track my good deeds for the environment.

Second hand shops. I love them and they are the first place i go to when i need clothing items. I always find something there. And even if i don’t have in my mind a certain item, i sometimes go to check out what stuff they have. Almost all my clothing items are bought from thrift shops. I rarely buy something from clothes shops nowadays because they are either too expensive or i don’t like them. And yes, even sales are too expensive sometimes and besides i don’t like crowds of people roaming around and clothes thrown on the floor. Not that thrift shops are empty though. And that’s a good thing because this means recycling. You don’t need clothes or other items – off to the thrift shop with them.

I never sent anything or sold anything at the thrift shops because i usually wear my stuff until it breaks and then i use them as dusting cloth. Sometimes when it happened that pants or shoes don’t fit me anymore i put them on sale online. Same with books i don’t need. There are some good sites i use for that. If nobody buys them then i send them to charity thrift stores or ask friends if they need something.

I do look though for quality even if i buy from thrift stores. That means not too used items (broken, holes, serious stains etc.). For example, today i visited a local thrift store situated near the university and i found a very nice pair of summer pants. They were about 4€ but very used at the end of the legs (ripped basically). In this case, i had to put them back.

Other items i usually look for in thrift stores are kitchen items, books, dvds, cds, games, furniture, sports gear, candles and everything that i might need for personal use. Although i always have to remind myself not to overdo it. It’s very easy to spend a lot on things that you don’t actually need even in thrift stores.


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