Dentists and local anesthesia

Just found out that some people are very criticizing regarding getting anesthetic for certain procedures. That was on a forum about dental procedures as i googled for how long my jaw will be stiff after local anesthesia. I always take it for every procedure (dental or another). It’s 21st century and life is too short for suffering. Nobody is going to build you a statue anyways. There are though people who are simply terrified of getting a shot in the gum and they would rather suffer than being stung. I do understand them because it is really uncomfortable to have a shot in your gums but i prefer being numbed throughout the entire procedure than feel pain, drilling and scratching.

As some of you might have guessed i did have very unpleasant encounters with dentists especially when i was a kid and the procedures were not so advanced as they are now. At my first dentist appointment, he pulled out two teeth without any anesthetic and i was around 5 or 6. You imagine that after that, i wasn’t a dentist-friend anymore. And as a result i lost one of my permanent teeth. Times changed, procedures changed and after i had my first dental procedure under anesthesia, i never looked back. Even the so-dreaded, wisdom tooth removal was piece of cake because half of my face was numb and it went really fast.

If you ask me if the anesthetic shot hurts, i would say no. It is uncomfortable but nothing i couldn’t stand. Maybe it’s because i’m used to have extremely painful periods due to endometriosis and this is nothing compared to some stinging needle. There was one time when the shot hurt me so bad i screamed but my tooth was infected and it was hurting anyways. Otherwise, the anesthetic starts being active within the first 5 minutes and it lasts for about 5 hours. It’s really funny to talk and very weird to drink, you feel like drinking with half of your mouth.

The anesthetic is weirdly enough optional and you have to pay separately for it but as some people don’t understand my easiness in taking in, i won’t understand either their refusal in taking it. The only unpleasant thing is maybe afterwards as my jaw is sore for the first day and stiff for about 3-4 days but i’ll take that over pain, drilling and scraping.

P.S. Not afraid of needles and stand the sight of blood extremely well.