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Some Finnish newspaper published today an article how EU decided that Finland has to reduce emission by 39 percent in the next decade. At first glance it looks more like a sanctimonious thing to do, become green and save the planet but in practice it is a macabre joke which will make your life harder. And here I mean the average to poor person if we are to speak from a financial point of view because we all know these regulations won’t take into consideration rich people and the EU buffoons.

These regulations will include forcing people to switch to other types of energy which are considered green but they are so expensive and inefficient as they can’t serve efficiently all people. And some of them do lots of damage although the so called environmentalists “skip” talking about it. For example, the alternatives to light bulbs, which are very expensive and some of them poisonous for the environment. This concerns also other household appliances and cars. And not to mention regulations about food which I think it will lead at some point to banning meat or taxing it so badly only the rich could afford it.

These regulations reminded me a lot about communist Romania. Back then meat was a luxury, you couldn’t find in shops, besides the bad quality one like pig hooves and canned meat which actually contained fat and grinded stuff which I’m not sure you’d like to know what it was. Car owners had very strict regulations and you could drive your car only on certain days. Also food was rationed drastically and most of the times people had to bribe in order to get more food. The official statistics never mention it but people did die of hunger in communist Romania. Also warm water was a luxury; I remember we sometimes had to take showers in cold water during the winter which was not nice at all. We did sometime heat up water but that was also a challenge because it was an adventure to get gas for the cooker, too. Also we did wear winter clothes inside because the heating was cut and the lights went out at 8 or 9 in the evening. Of course, these regulations did not apply to the rich, usually members of the almighty party.

The circumstances are different now as the restrictions in the communist regime had to do with other factors and not emissions. I really don’t want to think that these regulations would reach this point but I do have my doubts because the alternatives are not thought on a realistic scale. Most of the requirements for saving energy are very expensive and many people cannot even afford them. Or maybe that’s the idea. As I have said, the absurd regulations will hit the poor ones not the bureaucrats.

Or as one of my friends mentioned as a joke when reading about these regulations: “Maybe we should switch to living in clay huts and shit in a hole dug behind the hut. And eat grass. You cannot get more greener than that!”

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life is a journey, not a destination