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I thought of writing this article after I got fed up with the endless articles about birth rates declining and the constant blame put on women because they choose to pursue higher education. I thought that we left this behind many decades ago but as I can see this is the number one scapegoat most people around here prefer to point at. I won’t get into the importance of education nowadays because when it comes to pursue one, it’s each to its own, I would say it better to have one than none at all.

The ones who are usually barking so much on the subject are men who complain about their poor peers who remain in the countryside, choose to stay out of school or pursue a professional school and then remain single because those “damn harpies” choose careers and move to the big cities. They usually come up with apocalyptic future scenarios of old spinsters, damnation, cats and loneliness. In addition to that they are also complaining that these women are too picky, too stuck up and that nothing is good for them.

My first thought is, then why don’t you go and get an education yourself? Why are you jealous on a person who wants to build a future for themselves and their world doesn’t revolve around yours? Because believe it or not, you are not the center of the universe and no person owes you anything.  You miss the good old days when women were barefoot, knocked-up in the kitchen? Then be prepared to have a super income because nowadays you can rarely manage on one salary. The biggest problem with these people is that they live in the past, in a world of fantasy.

Being dependent and relying on a guy (of one’s free will) is perhaps the most stupid thing you can do. But again, I also guide myself on “the best person to rely on is yourself” philosophy. You never know when the other one will kick you in the curb or you know, misfortunes happen. I was also taught wisely by my parents that it’s better to have your own finances and never rely on anybody.

Nobody stops you from studying and earning a degree if you want. Not in Finland where (for the moment) there are no tuition fees. But some people don’t want higher education and others are not meant for it. Which is fine. But stop complaining and blaming other people for your incapacities or laziness. And stop blaming the system that it favors girls. If you really want to achieve something, no system will stay in your way. I saw proof with my own eyes and of both genders.

Blaming women that they are too picky is rather shallow I would say. As mentioned before, nobody is entitled to like you. These women have their own preferences, own personalities and own minds and they’d better be picky if it is about something so important as sharing life with somebody. It’s better being alone that be with somebody just for the sake of being and then realize you share nothing in common or even hate each other.

As for the profession part, these “critics” must live underground because lots of us are not hunting for a profession. For me it is a deep insult to hear that I’m a stuck up academic bitch who doesn’t even look at blue collar workers. Profession has never been an issue when I connect with another person because I look at that person as a human being not at a profession. One of my top priorities is mutual respect. If that is missing, I’m sorry to say but it won’t work. I never looked down on any person because of their profession (sadly I can’t say that was mutual, I’ve been humiliated many times while working blue collar jobs). Professions can change but the dynamics between two persons is much more complicated and I doubt that a profession or education has so much to do with it. My partner didn’t even attend high school and I have two MA’s and I must say that it would be quite a shock for these people who can do nothing more but judge. It’s true, I did hear nasty remarks from some that how can I be in a relationship with such a person, pointing out the fact that I’m superior because of my education. Needless to say I cut any ties with these people. If you can’t respect people I care about, I don’t have any obligation to respect you. An MA diploma doesn’t make me superior in any way but the fact that I respect people the way they are and not judge them like you do, yes, that makes me superior to your judgmental ass.

And before blaming women that they are like this and like that and don’t pay attention to you, take a look at yourself first. Do you think somebody would like to be with a person who does nothing but blame others and likes to dictate how others should live? Because I wouldn’t. Before demanding things from others take a look at yourself. Are you worth it?


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Found today this article about an owner of a strawberry farm which claims that he hasn’t had a Finnish worker in 16 years. Why? Apparently Finns are not interested in physical work, it’s too harsh and the pay is very low. Instead he brings seasonal foreign workers from other countries to do the job.

I also browsed through the comments just to see people throwing lots of shit in today’s Finnish young people saying that they are too lazy and entitled, they’d rather get social support than do work or complain that the pay is low. I was not amazed by this because nowadays it seems like a national sport to throw shit in the young generation.

I don’t know about others, there might be people who really don’t want to do that kind of work but the people I know, Finns, my friends would do this kind of job. You know what seems to be the problem? They can’t get it! And I’ll give you an example. Few summers ago, me and my husband were unemployed and looking for work. We did apply and even called at these strawberries farms in the hope that we can spend our summer picking strawberries and get some income. Unfortunately, some owners never replied to us and others said right away that they have enough people, although during the whole summer they were still announcing vacancies. I did apply 3 summers in a row at several strawberry farms and I never got a job.

I’m not scared of physical work and I can do it very well as I grew up at a farm and physical work was what we did during summers since I was a kid, including strawberry picking and even harsher work like hay stacking, spading and loosening. You’d think they favor foreigners like the dude in the article but still even if I have foreign background, I wasn’t chosen.

One of the problems mentioned was the pay which is low in the case of strawberry picking. It is true but given the fact that some pay 9 euros per hour (which is considered low by Finnish standards), I would not say it bothered me. I had jobs in Finland which paid me 6 euros per hour and I still did them. And my work colleagues were Finnish. I highly doubt all Finnish youngsters would say no to 9 euros per hour as these readers claim. There might be people who would refuse because the cost of living in Finland is very high and you need to cover your expenses somehow, a low salary won’t be enough but it would be suitable for young summer workers.

I would really like to know how many young people did apply for these jobs only to be rejected. I didn’t read all the comments but I found few persons there who had the same experience as I did. I also wonder how much does this dude pay per hour as it wasn’t mentioned. If the pay goes under 5 euros/h then it might be quite a problem because you can’t really live with that kind of salary in Finland. Also many young people do not have yet drivers license or a car and the farm might be very far for them to reach and also the employer offers accommodation and food only to foreigners. If these apply then it’s quite hypocritical and stupid to blame Finnish youngsters of being lazy.

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life is a journey, not a destination