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A while ago I joined different online groups where people sell, exchange or give away all kind of stuff. I did use these groups few times to buy mostly books and linen but I also used them to sell some of the stuff I don’t use anymore. In general, the groups are very easy to use and never had any problems when I purchased goods but I did have issues with selling things. Here I compiled a list with few of the things I found very annoying while selling stuff online.

  1. If you are interested in a product, PM me. Some people commented under the photo of a product saying “I’m reserving it” and after that I never got a message from them. If you reserve something, send me a private message. I did try to contact them but they never replied. This is very disrespectful and you are basically wasting my time.
  2. Sending a message about a possible meeting to pick up a certain product. The person mentions that anytime is good for them but when I try (several times) to suggest a time, they are never happy with it. Why do you say that anytime is good and then when I suggest a date, you don’t like it? It would save both of us the headache if you said what time is good for you because “anytime” obviously doesn’t work.
  3. The person books a certain product, we arrange a day to meet so they can purchase the product then on that certain day (usually few hours before), they say something has intervened. We establish another day but the same thing happens. This has happened to me when the respective person changed the date around 4 times and the fifth time I tried to contact them in order to establish a new day but they never replied back. Look, if you don’t want to purchase something anymore, say it but don’t waste my time.

Sometimes there are other people who wait in order to purchase a certain product and the type of people mentioned above make it difficult for them as well as for me. If you don’t plan on buying something, don’t reserve it for an unlimited period of time and after one week of trying to establish a pick up time, you decide that you don’t want it anymore or worse, stop replying. Of course, it is the person’s right to change their minds but please, do it faster because in most of the cases I want to get rid of the stuff I’m selling quite fast. For example, if I move somewhere else.


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Lately, I have been checking out the thrift shops in my region and made some findings. Some of these things i wanted to buy for a while but the price in normal shops was quite high and i really don’t have any extra to spend right now as there is a trip coming up and have been trying to save for it.

I did find though a candle support made from salt stone with 2 euros from Red Cross. They did have other 2, mostly same size. They are quite heavy, i think at least 1 kilo has this one.


Then, i looked in the DVD department and i found my one of my favourite bands DVD (Iron Maiden) along with a movie (Chernobyl Diaries) i wanted to see for quite a while but never had the chance. One of my friends though said that the movie is quite disrespectful at the address of Chernobyl victims and i do agree with her. I’m just curious about it as i’m very fascinated with Chernobyl for few years now.


And because witnter is coming and my Angry Birds warm slippers seemed to be quite useless – i received them as a present as they started to disintegrate after the first months of use – i found these funny monster “feet”. Hope they will last longer as i have cold feet almost all year round.


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One of the many things i like about Finland are the thrift shops. I was accustomed with them in Romania but the thrift shop culture there is nowhere near as strong as here. There is still the mentality that is a shame to buy from second-hand stores. Actually this mentality is brought by the fact that people want to show off and not leave the impression that they are poor. Which is a bit exaggerated in my opinion because here buying from thrift shops is not necessarily a sign of poverty.

For me is more about recycling and the fact that i don’t like going shopping. Thrift shops are more about popping in and checking out the stuff. I don’t usually go there with something in mind. I just go to relax and see stuff. If there is something i like or i need, then i’ll give it a go. Besides buying, i also give/sell stuff at thrift shops…usually useless things or clothes that are too small for me.

There are many types of thrift shops here and they are quite popular, depending also on the location and the products. There are the self-service thrift shops where one can rent a small space for a period of time and sell their own things. They are usually in closed spaces but during the summer outside thrift-shops are organized in the cities, in front of libraries, parking lots or squares. Then there are the charity thrift shops where one can donate the clothes and other people are buying them. The money usually goes for charity. Some places like that are the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Some others are just recycling centers.

Then there are also the online thrift shops where people are putting their stuff online for others to check and buy or even take. There are special sites for that or thrift shop groups on Facebook. Some of them are organized according to items sold, region or price. The bad thing is that some people do not put photos or in the case of clothes or shoes, you don’t know if they fit. Especially if you buy them from somebody who lives far away. People can also organize their own yard sale and if you happen to be around, you can pop in. Just yesterday, i saw a girl in front of an apartment complex selling all kinds of stuff.

I tried all types of thrift shops and i’m very happy about the services i’ve got, in real life and online. The only thing to complain about is that if a certain thrift shop is really good, then it might be kind of difficult to roam there in peace when there are lots of people and corridors between shelves quite small. Also if the things are in a mess and it’s not possible to see them quite well, it’s quite discouraging. At least i don’t have the patience to look if i see a huge messy pile of clothes.

From the online world, i didn’t buy that many things. What i bought were mostly books, stuff for home, sports DVD’s and gear, computer games, few clothing, jewelery and cosmetic items and most of my budgies. Some sites are allowed to sell pets, also.

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Lamp fan

I wrote a while ago about two of my thrift shop purchases: two lava lamps, one red and one blue. I didn’t pay any attention earlier to them until i saw one on, i don’t remember exactly where. It was fascinating and hypnotizing and relaxing at the same time. So i decided to get one for myself. I didn’t really saw them in shops around here but i found them in thrift shops. Lately, wherever thrift shop i’m in, i bump into lava lamps accidentally. That’s why i bought two. I was told that they were quite in fashion some years ago but i never saw them as a fashion object to be honest. I think they are cool and peaceful. And cheerful, and cosy. Of course, they are not practical for reading and they have exclusively a decorative style.

I also saw that there are the lava lamps with glitter. I actually bought a similar one from a recycling center with 3 euros.


There was another red one and a double one, with lava and glitter, kind like this one from Amazon. Unfortunately the other half didn’t work an i wasn’t so sure if it could be repaired.



Other lamps that caught my attention are the aquarium lamps:



And mist lamps which are quite pricey and almost impossible to find around here. They look like fountains and work as humidifiers:

Mist Lamp


I also have a salt stone lamp which is said to be beneficial for health, for example, cleaning the air. I didn’t know about that until i did some online research but i really like its soft and calm light.


More on the benefits of salt lamps

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Board games

I haven’t been in a while through trift shops but i still have left some photos with what i bought a while ago. I used to play board games a lot as a kid and later on i discovered this pleasure again with friends and colleagues from university. I don’t have many board games at home just a 5-in-1 pack with chess and other games based on wood pieces. I can’t play chess but i would love to learn at least at amateur level. This winter i found this interesting game in SPR thrift shop with 3,50€. I bought it but to my shame i didn’t get to play it. Maybe i should especially during long winter evenings.


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It’s March and the winter is still making its presence felt outside. It was a weird one after all, not the same temperatures of last year. Mostly on the plus side and now at the end of March all of the sanow has melted. Just few patches here and there when the sun doesn’t shine. At least today it was really cold and started raining. The first real rain of this year. So still keeping my feet warm and a cosy feeling in my small apartment while doing the last assignments for my reading group.

The socks are not made by me, just bought from a thrift store. I can’t make such things though i once tried. Image


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Lava lamps

Haven’t been in a while around here and i feel kind of weird about it. Guilty. Because i haven’t abandoned the blog but i also made a rule not to post endless rants about small things that do not deserve ranting. Thrift stores have remained one of my small pleasures although i didn’t visit them that often. I hate collecting…or even hoarding stuff and since my student apartment is quite small, i cannot afford cramming things in here. But i found two nice lava lamps with 10€ both and since i wanted one (they seem very hypnotizing), i bought them both. More info on lava lamps here. They are indeed very interesting but it takes quite a while to heat up. At least the red one has some troubles with the light bulb (sometimes it just goes off without any reason).


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