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The other day I bumped into an article about BIC pens for women, in fact, there are lots of mentions online about this and lots of ridicule. I also found it funny and stupid at the same time because I think it’s a waste of money and energy to make some pink pens and sell it specifically to women. Anything made pink and sold specifically to women is ridiculous. Does a product have to be pink in order to be directed at a certain gender? I think it is useless and besides it is indeed just a marketing strategy in order to cash on naive people. Because pink products are more expensive. At least the pink, shiny BIC pen was more than double the price compared to a plain BIC pen.

If I remember my childhood now, I can’t say we did have this blatant gender segregated toys, and here I am referring to a whole PINK toy and clothing section. We did have dolls and this stuff but I don’t remember being such a big deal and I’m really sure we didn’t have a wide range of pink personal products.

So, with this in mind I have never been a fan of light colors especially pink. I also never started a war because of the pink products stating that is somehow offensive or degrading for women because I don’t think it is. What I think it is, well, uselessly expensive and just because of the color. What I do though, is avoid these products, not because of the color but because of the price.

I always buy razors from the men department and sometimes socks as I do find cheaper socks there. As about pens, I usually buy neutral ones but most of the times I get them from different places like schools, offices or courses I attend.

The same thing goes for other items like electronics. I remember a radio add from a while ago which mentioned that women can choose computers from a variety of colors. I don’t know about others but when I buy a computer, the color is the last thing of my mind. Actually I don’t take it into consideration at all, first, I look at the computer’s properties and of course, brand.

I think the most infuriating thing about the pink products is the price based on the color. I would understand if the quality is better but in most of the cases there isn’t any kind of difference. And it’s also not very nice for people who do actually like pink and have to pay extra for a product just because of its color.

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This article appeared today on my newsfeed, it illustrates the problems women face on a daily basis and it’s done by a Romanian artist. I usually don’t bother to check such links out but i said let’s give it a try. The drawings are very nice and funny but as i guessed these do not apply to me at all.

  1. I rarely wear makeup and when i do i don’t bother with complicated things.
  2. I rarely take or post photos of myself.
  3. I don’t do my nails.
  4. I don’t care.
  5. That used to happen a lot in Romania. For some reasons, certain people had it hard to understand that i don’t walk around with an eternal smile on my face.
  6. I don’t take selfies.
  7. I don’t watch makeup tutorials. Never.
  8. Doesn’t apply to me.
  9. I always have smth. to wear if you count taking the first thing out of the wardrobe.
  10. If i like smth. i eat it. No fuss.
  11. Don’t have problems with swimsuits, never had.
  12. Don’t get it.
  13. I got that once but it was for a train collector’s magazine. I don’t think that is for kids.
  14. No internet connection? No problem! I have plenty of books, workout dvds and during the summer a whole garden to attend to.
  15. I don’t really shop in conventional clothes stores.
  16. See no 6.
  17. Never happenned to me.
  18. See 17
  19. Wtf?!
  20. & 21 I don’t get them.

22. It’s to be expected if you have very white skin like i do. I always get red if i stay in the sun longer so i’m not surprised.

23. I do play Zumba but i never get sore from that.

24. I’m not a shoe fan. I usually have boots from thrift store if i find smth. nice. And definitely not own 6 pairs of some sort of shoes. I don’t even have space where to put them.


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life is a journey, not a destination


life is a journey, not a destination