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The other day I bumped into an article about BIC pens for women, in fact, there are lots of mentions online about this and lots of ridicule. I also found it funny and stupid at the same time because I think it’s a waste of money and energy to make some pink pens and sell it specifically to women. Anything made pink and sold specifically to women is ridiculous. Does a product have to be pink in order to be directed at a certain gender? I think it is useless and besides it is indeed just a marketing strategy in order to cash on naive people. Because pink products are more expensive. At least the pink, shiny BIC pen was more than double the price compared to a plain BIC pen.

If I remember my childhood now, I can’t say we did have this blatant gender segregated toys, and here I am referring to a whole PINK toy and clothing section. We did have dolls and this stuff but I don’t remember being such a big deal and I’m really sure we didn’t have a wide range of pink personal products.

So, with this in mind I have never been a fan of light colors especially pink. I also never started a war because of the pink products stating that is somehow offensive or degrading for women because I don’t think it is. What I think it is, well, uselessly expensive and just because of the color. What I do though, is avoid these products, not because of the color but because of the price.

I always buy razors from the men department and sometimes socks as I do find cheaper socks there. As about pens, I usually buy neutral ones but most of the times I get them from different places like schools, offices or courses I attend.

The same thing goes for other items like electronics. I remember a radio add from a while ago which mentioned that women can choose computers from a variety of colors. I don’t know about others but when I buy a computer, the color is the last thing of my mind. Actually I don’t take it into consideration at all, first, I look at the computer’s properties and of course, brand.

I think the most infuriating thing about the pink products is the price based on the color. I would understand if the quality is better but in most of the cases there isn’t any kind of difference. And it’s also not very nice for people who do actually like pink and have to pay extra for a product just because of its color.

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Wandering around the internet i found an article called Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls on an mra site which basically says that all women are taught to enslave men and take away their liberties. To clarify, i’m not an adept of mra movements or modern feminism as they seem to me like two hysterical brats continuously attacking each other. What amazed me was all the vitriol thrown at women and blaming basically a whole gender because of some problems.

To be honest, i think that anybody who tries to manipulate another person and treat them like shit, is just human trash. And from what i’ve seen manipulative people are everywhere and both men and women. That there are all kinds of magazines and articles telling women how to catch and keep a man, it’s true and i find them disgusting although i never bother to read women’s magazines as they are full of crap anyways.

But now i wonder, why are those articles written in the first place? Why are women taught how to “catch” men? (I do hate the word catch, it’s implying like you go fishing.) Isn’t in general the society which teach women that they are nothing without the lifescript, this including the guy, 2.5 brats, house and 2 cars?

I’ll take my own case here although i strongly doubt i’m the only person who experienced the following. I remember when i was a teenager (it might have started earlier, although i didn’t pay attention) and i was constantly asked if i have a boyfriend, why don’t i have a boyfriend, you should get a boyfriend and the overly nice relatives who tried to find a good boy for me. As a teenager, i had other interests and romantic feelings for the opposite gender was not one of them. I was studying and reading a lot, i was playing in a band, very active into the music field and in a theater group. I had no time for anything else. And still certain people around me made me feel defective because i didn’t have a partner or the interest in getting one.

Later on i met my husband but i never had any intentions of “enslaving” him like the aforementioned article states. Things just went into that direction and at a certain point we just got married after many years of being together. I never wanted to enslave or change anybody or be with a person who is completely without a backbone, that would be horror. Of course, i can’t say that the article is completely wrong. Even after marriage me and my husband kept our own hobbies and none of us tried to forbid the other to do things that they love or boss each other around.

Now comes the interesting part: quite many people, mostly women, were shocked and criticized me because i let my husband pursue his hobbies or because i don’t interfere with his schedule. And by hobbies i mean computers and gaming. How dare i let my husband spend hundreds of euros on gaming gear or play computer games for hours? Well, it’s his time and money, he does what he pleases with them. I pursue my hobbies, too, and everybody is happy. I really don’t need a third party to tell us how to live our lives.

Another aspect about the enslaving thing is that women are assumed they automatically want marriage and kids. But hell forbid a woman is not interested in those because she still gets lots of crap from the exactly same people who earlier accused women of being enslaving harpies. As a childfree person, i’ve got to hear very ugly remarks coming from men including being called a whore (although i’m married) and another dude said to me that i deserve to die because i’m useless. Mind you, my choice will never affect these people but still they are entitled to spit vitriol just because.

I did question these guys about their future plans in the domestic areas and all had very strong wishes of marriage, 2.5 brats and preferably the woman should stay home. Also they were in their 20’s. So, for them it’s ok to want these things but if a woman wants them it’s enslaving? And worse, if a woman doesn’t want marriage and kids is a whore who deserves to die?

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Surfing around internet, I bumped into a comment which went along the lines that living in a socialist state makes you basically an idiot who lives on welfare studying feminist poetry, drinking Starbucks coffee and uploading photos on Instagram from your iPhone. According to this person, people living on welfare are some lazy hipsters who live large on other people’s money. The problem is that this person doesn’t have the slightest idea how is to live on welfare in a so-called socialist state because otherwise he wouldn’t spew this kind of nonsense.

Fortunately enough, I’ve never lived on welfare but I know very well a case who did. And it was far from the description above. I’m talking about welfare in Finland, about a Finnish citizen. I really don’t know exactly how much welfare one can get now but few years ago, a single person without dependents got around 600 euros. And I doubt the sum has gone up. Add to that help with the rent and you might get something of 800 euros. Some people might think that it’s a lot of money but that’s not the case if you live in Finland.

Finland is one of the most expensive country in the Eurozone (ask Google) and living here with 800 euros without any kind of help is far from hipstering on Instagram and at Starbucks. The average rent for this person was between 450-500 euros/month (and that’s cheap). Food was about 150-200 euros per month (no eating or going out at all). And about 100 euros was left for products of basic hygiene, clothes, Internet and phone (which by the way, was not a smartphone). And there you have all your 800 euros.

I will add that the respective person was not on welfare because of his choice but because of losing his job and having difficulties with finding another one. Also in those 800 euros I didn’t mention expenses for public transportation, doctor costs (whatever one might say healthcare in Finland is not for free), medicine (in case of sickness). Going out, travelling and even buying new clothes was out of the question.

So, I wonder where did this idiot get the idea that people living on welfare are some lazy entitled shits who spend their time taking photos and drinking overpriced coffee. It might be they have other source of money than welfare because not having a job and living on welfare here without any help is very rough. And unfortunately there are people around here who have salaries under 1000 euros/month. Yeah, surviving on that is really “fun” especially after you pay the bills, plan your groceries counting the last cent and hope you won’t get sick.

P.S. I did notice that many people tend to jump at your throat if you live on welfare because they immediately assume you are lazy. These idiots are also the ones who yell that welfare should be banned and people should just get off their asses and go to work. Newsflash: many people nowadays lose their jobs and some get sick. And it’s not their fault. It’s easy to yell get a job but quite difficult to find one. In my opinion, welfare is good and at least you don’t end on the streets. In my former country, if you lost your job you did end on the streets because welfare is nonexistent.

But i guess it’s easy to bark from behind the screen at people who are less lucky than you.

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This article appeared today on my newsfeed, it illustrates the problems women face on a daily basis and it’s done by a Romanian artist. I usually don’t bother to check such links out but i said let’s give it a try. The drawings are very nice and funny but as i guessed these do not apply to me at all.

  1. I rarely wear makeup and when i do i don’t bother with complicated things.
  2. I rarely take or post photos of myself.
  3. I don’t do my nails.
  4. I don’t care.
  5. That used to happen a lot in Romania. For some reasons, certain people had it hard to understand that i don’t walk around with an eternal smile on my face.
  6. I don’t take selfies.
  7. I don’t watch makeup tutorials. Never.
  8. Doesn’t apply to me.
  9. I always have smth. to wear if you count taking the first thing out of the wardrobe.
  10. If i like smth. i eat it. No fuss.
  11. Don’t have problems with swimsuits, never had.
  12. Don’t get it.
  13. I got that once but it was for a train collector’s magazine. I don’t think that is for kids.
  14. No internet connection? No problem! I have plenty of books, workout dvds and during the summer a whole garden to attend to.
  15. I don’t really shop in conventional clothes stores.
  16. See no 6.
  17. Never happenned to me.
  18. See 17
  19. Wtf?!
  20. & 21 I don’t get them.

22. It’s to be expected if you have very white skin like i do. I always get red if i stay in the sun longer so i’m not surprised.

23. I do play Zumba but i never get sore from that.

24. I’m not a shoe fan. I usually have boots from thrift store if i find smth. nice. And definitely not own 6 pairs of some sort of shoes. I don’t even have space where to put them.


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Lurking as usual in a Finnish CF group and reading what people write about. It’s interesting when you have a bit time on your hands. There are all kinds of topics, some better some worse. What caught my eye was a woman (not from Finland) who moved here a while ago and she was making some observation about the tax system and the harsh parts of being an immigrant. Nothing big here. I mean the usual stuff that you notice after a while of staying in Finland (and start working). The taxes are too high, it is hard being an immigrant due to language and in her case the fact that coming from another EU country, you don’t have as many perks as a refugee.

I understand her well at the last part because i also started from zero. When i came here to do my masters i survived from my money i earned in Romania and i worked as a translator for a while to get some money. During summers i struggled to get cleaning jobs and taking care of green spaces so i could save money for the next year. It wasn’t easy at all.

But what caught my attention was the negative comments she got from some Finns, two of them telling her to go back home. If the respective woman has said smth. really bad about the country i would have understood but she was basically making some observations and sharing her experience. Other Finns were also bitching about the system but apparently only the have the right to do so. I found it laughble when one women said that she knows smb. who learned Finnish in 3 months. Maybe that person was some kind of genius but the rest of us are usual people and learning a language depends a lot on the type of learner. But i wouldn’t expect some narrow minded person to understand that.

I know very well that here natives jump like bitten in their asses if an outsider says smth. bad about the country but honestly these are just the same observations that a native would also do. And sometimes it’s just reality. I doubt that the respective woman meant it badly. I also make observations and are not meant to be taken as an insult. For example, i am quite baffled by the fact that Finland has a very strong image as a country where there is a strong gender equality. But when you live here for a while, you realize things are not like that. I will give the example with women of reproductive age and employers’ expectations (some avoid hiring women of reproductive age) – i wrote about this subject earlier. And it’s not happening only in Finland. A while ago i was reading an article about some doctors working for university health centers pressuring young female students to have kids and refusing to give them the required birth control. I was again a bit shocked that this is happening in Finland: http://www.jylkkari.fi/2014/09/jata-ehkaisy-hanki-vauva/

We all have things we don’t like and it’s normal because no country is perfect. But that doesn’t mean you have to get bitter and spit the “go back home” whenever smb. is pointing out a not so perfect side.

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